Goa Carnival 2009 – You Will Love It

Are you planning to come to India some times in the first quarter of next year?

If yes I might have something to interest you here. If you are a traveler and wish to get some useful travel tip about Indian travel destinations then stay tuned to this article. You are in for some pleasant surprise.

As most of you who are familiar with Indian tourist destinations would know that Goa is one of the most favored location for western tourists. Situated on the west coast of Asia it has one of the best beaches in the world that lures holidayers from the world over. Goa is known as the land of Sun, Sand and Sea. May be that says it all. But I would like to make some very good additions to it. Goa is known as the land of Sun, Sand, Sea, Feni and Carnivals. Ah you would now be wondering since when India became famous for its carnivals. It was Brazil and its samba that is synonymous to Carnivals. Well the reason why Brazil is famous for Carnivals is also behind the fame of Goan Carnivals. May be you guessed it – Portuguese and Spanish influence. Goa was a Portuguese dominion for around 500 years.

The carnival of Goa is celebrated in the week preceding the beginning of Lent Fast that lasts for 40 days. Since this period of fasting requires Christians to abstain from meet and alcohol people take this pre-fast session as an excuse to riotous merrymaking that the world knows as the Goan Carnival. Typically it is celebrated six weeks prior to Easter. Being situated in the tropic belt it is a hot place in Indian summer and gets a lot of rain during monsoons. So February is the best time to visit this tourist’s delight as the temperature will be most soothing at this time of the year. It would be especially enjoyable to go sun bathing.

The most hilarious and most awaited event of the Carnival is the appointment of King Momo as the King of Goa and his visit to the capital city Panaji. He is followed by his courtiers and he orders his subjects to go for all out partying and frolicking. So at the orders of his Highness (funniness) Goa comes alive with a unique cultural extravaganza. There is round the clock enjoyment with live music and dance performances of various types. You can find foreign Samba troupes and local salsa parties and Marathi folk dances all together. It’s a cocktail of many Indian and international cultures that would be a treat for rest of your life. There will be colorful processions and creative floats on the roads.

You will have a world of food and beverages to choose and try. All kinds of delicacies ranging form Indian, Chinese and Italian among others will be popular. You will also see various other entertaining events and performances like Sand art, Fire breathing, circus etc. One more thing I forgot to mention is the mud pelting or shoe pelting or rotten egg attacks that you may face during this time on streets and alleys. Well this is by no means malicious unless some one has some personal grudges against you because you ran over their dead dog with your Harley Davidson. This actually is a ritual that possibly originated form the practice of cleansing the household off old and useless stuff. Pranksters started making use of this junk as projectiles of choice to lob at unsuspecting travelers.

7 Great & Fun Ways To Earn Your Living In The World of Music

There are lots of ways to make a living in the music industry, and very few of them have anything to do with getting on stage and performing, or trying to crack the lineup on American Idol. In fact, most of them reward interpersonal skills and organizational skills more than they reward a strong voice, or the ability to rip the chords on a Fender, or bang out 1/64 beats on a drum kit.

First, a lot of work goes into making a record, from the producer, who tries to shape the band’s vision into a commercially viable product, to the sound mixers, who record each layered track and mix everything on potentiometers and a sound board, to production assistants who do the graphic design on the album cover and the liner notes. In a lot of cases, being “the sound guy” doing the mixing pays better than being the artist in front of the microphone.

Second, working at the record label requires not just a love of music, but all the skills you’d need for an office job. Each record label handles things differently, but a lot of the work comes down to tour bookings, making sure that promotional copy and cover art goes out at the right times, and in general, being on top of organizing things and making sure that everything comes into place. Beyond getting a paycheck, you also get to know that you’re helping bring a lot of talented artists to the listening public.

A third way to make money in the music industry, If you’re organized, but don’t like the idea of being confined to an office gig, look into becoming a roadie. The hours are long, the work is mostly anonymous, and you travel a lot, but you legitimately get to say “I’m with the band!” A lot of theater experience will help here, as will some experience with production work; you’ll need to be able to run sound checks and make the myriad last minute adjustments that every new venue needs before the show can go on. Likewise, for larger acts, there are on-the-road assistants who handle makeup, wardrobe and all the little details so the band members can keep their focus on the act, including rehearsal time and warm-ups.

A fourth way to make a living in the music industry, if you find the idea of working directly with musicians or the recording industry directly, consider getting a job as a disk jockey on a radio station. Most radio stations are constantly looking for on-air talent, and if you’re a college student, you can probably get some experience cut in on the campus radio station. Similarly, being a programming director at a radio station gives you a lot of influence over the kind of music the station plays.

Fifth, consider teaching. If you have musical talent, but aren’t up to booking or running a band, there are other avenues you can work with. The most commonly explored one is as a music teacher. Lots of communities are looking for part time music teachers, and some states will let college students do music programs. Being a music teacher generally requires competence with the piano, and usually some training in running band practice, orchestra practice or choir, though some districts will let you focus on teaching world music classes, or esoteric instruments, particularly as part of a campus outreach program.

If you’re going to teach choir, you’ll need to understand the methodologies of teaching vocal instruction. Proper breathing, proper articulation, and how to direct multi-part harmonies in the standard four sections (bass, tenor, alto, soprano). Again, competence in piano is important, because most high school and junior high music ensembles will be taking their notes from the piano.

Orchestra and band require broader instrument knowledge. Unlike a choir director, you have to understand the principles of the various sections of instruments being run, from woodwinds, to brass, to strings and percussion; this requires enough knowledge to teach a student, but generally lacks the time to become deeply focused or specialized in any single instrument.

Related, but profoundly different from music instruction is pedagogy and musical therapy. Pedagogy is the modern outgrowth of teaching child prodigies about music and nurturing them to the best of their ability. Music therapy is a technique for using music, both listening and participatory, to help subjects heal from psychological and other traumas; both require a lot of expertise not just in musicianship, but in another rigorous academic field as well.

Sixth, if you just enjoy playing your instrument and have some friends who are similarly inclined, don’t forgo the opportunity to form a band and play the music you enjoy. If you’re doing a band, don’t think of it as the road to fame and fortune, look at it as a way to make money doing something you love.

Seventh, another job in the music industry is a music store clerk. Although more music is sold online every passing year, a lot of music consumers are looking for informed opinion and retail help when they browse the stacks and look at music they’d like to try. If you have a love of music and the people skills to inform and recommend and close the sale, being a music store clerk may be the best slot for you!

All of these are options to find a job, a career, even an avocation in the field of music. Many become rewarding, life time long jobs. Even for the people who work in the music field and then move on to something else, their experience working in “the business” gives them a certain cachet at parties and the ability (from time to time) to say “Yeah, I remember them from back when they were unknown.”

3 Simple Reasons Why We Love Music So Much

If you check history books and study ancient civilizations, you will not help but notice how music played an important role. From the very beginning, it has defined man the human race and became part of everyday life.

Today, even though most of us take music for granted, our love for music cannot be denied. If you think about it, there are actually three reasons for such affection.

Music for Expressing Emotions
Whether you feel sad, happy or angry, there is music that you can turn to. It helps you find an outlet for your emotions, which almost always makes you feel better about yourself. Aside from this, music can also help you define what you are feeling. It only takes a few lyrics of the right song and you will immediately have a realization. Only music can take your emotions to a higher level and make you feel more alive especially with the knowledge that you are not the only one with such emotion.

Music for Relieving Stress
Almost everyone depend on music to relieve stress. It is probably because the rhythm or the way that the sounds are organized helps us find a sense of balance. At the end of a really tiring day or after a much difficult situation, turning to music will allow you to feel calm and relaxed. It does not even matter what kind of music you listen to. The most important thing is that you like it.

Music for Inspiration
If you have found yourself stumped for an answer to a life question, you can certainly find an answer through music. Without a doubt, hearing words that were created to define a particular emotion or situation will allow you to feel inspired to live life to the fullest.

There are other reasons why people love music. But at the end of the day, it all boils down to the fact that music is an essential part of our existence and without it, life will seem dull and monotonous.